History of the Maple Grove Preservation Society

  Preservation Efforts

After years of neglect, efforts started in the year 2000 to bring Maple Grove back to life. With the help of a "Preserve NY" grant from the Preservation League of New York State and the NYS Council on the Arts, the Historic Structure Report was prepared by the architectural firm of Mesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker. This study helped to establish the priorities for phased work on the repair and restoration of the house.

Some of the contents of this report are available below for downloading and viewing. All images, plans, text and materials in these documents, however, are the copyright property of St. Simeon Foundation. Any reproductions of the materials located here without the express written permission of the Maple Grove Restoration Committee is forbidden. 

Phase II of Restoration - Summer 2010

The Maple Grove Phase II restoration consisted of the completion of the lower level grand porch and stairs on the previously restored main West Facade, and the full restoration of the North and East facades of the building, including the historic windows and chimney. Stabilizing work was also carried out on the south west corner of the building which had previously been damaged by fire. The goal of the restoration was to protect the base shell of the building to preserve it for some great future use.

Click here to view photos of Phase II Restoration completed during Summer 2010.

A grant of $40,000 was awarded in 2002 under the New York State Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act Historic Preservation Program for the first phase of work on the building, and the required match was raised from private sources. This work, on the West Facade of the building, was completed in late summer 2005. It included repair, re-pointing and repainting of the brick, repairs to the porch woodwork and roof, fabricating and placing new windows on the second floor, and other work to return the front of the building to its elegance and beauty.   Bialecki Associates is the architectural firm who designed and supervised the work, and Precision Contractor of Dutchess County has been the general contractor.

In addition to these major projects, archaeological work was done behind the house by Lucy Johnson, Professor of Anthropology at Vassar College, in preparation for emergency repair work on the basement wall of the kitchen wing. This work was completed in 2003.

In the Fall of 2004, landscape designers Karen Cowperthwaite and Dagni B. Senzel undertook a study of the property surrounding Maple Grove, and prepared a report and recommendations on steps that should be taken to return the property to its former beauty. This report is being used as a working document for land management by the St. Simeon Foundation.

We invite you to view photos of the amazing restoration effort. Here you can see all the before, during and after pictures of the repair and restoration of this historical home. Click to view photos of the restoration.

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